Welcome to Osfeo  


      OSFEO-your business partner for open source solutions !

      Making sense of Open Source!

      OSFEO is a Open Source systems integrator providing consultancy, support and services around key Open Source technologies.

      Built around a number of well-established players in Open Source, with a strong background in providing enterprise-class solutions based on Open Source components, OSFEO helps customers leverage the advantages of Open Source.

      OSFEO provides full coverage of Open Source needs for enterprise-class customers: we help corporations understand and adopt Open Source using a comprehensive strategic consultancy approach, and we are continuously selecting proven Open Source technologies that we directly support and integrate.

      OSFEO is company with the knowledge and experience to offer a real balance between the Open Source and traditional, proprietary solutions, taking the concept of Open Source to a new level of pragmatic and quantifiable advantages for the enterprise.


      We are currently offering Open Source business solutions in the following areas:


                                                 Customer Relationship Management
                                                 Enterprise Resource Planning
                                                 Enterprise Content Management
                                                 Business Intelligence